The Ultimate Spa Experience

The 1900 Inn on Montford Spa Experience is designed to lavishly pamper, indulge and nourish you in the privacy of your own room. We highly recommend that you share this experience with your partner, a time of sharing and renewal. The tranquiity of your environment will serve as your oasis unsurpassed serenity and elegance.

Act I…Serenity

The meditative music you will find provided complements your massage modality, offering a soothing, warm and comfortable atmosphere. Let your phone go to voice mail and allow yourself this solitude to indulge. Enjoy your background music, relax and prepare.

Act II…Your Nurishing Libation

Not only is our Nourishing libation of mineral water spiced with lemon, mint, rosemary and cucumber a tasty treat, but also it is a necessary element to your massage experience. Enjoy a calming glass to start but you will want to induge a bit more after. A massage releases toxins and hydration is the method by which to rid the body of such impurities. Our signature blend is certain to do the trick.

Act III…Enjoy one of the following Prelude Experiences

  • Shower scrub for cleansing and exfoliation
  • Steam Bath for pore extraction and revitalization
  • Soaking Tub with emollient salts for relaxation and restoration
  • Whilrpool Tub with exhilarating Shiatsu water massage
  • Chromatherapy to stimulate interactive brainwaves for the ultimate in relaxation
  • Aromatherapy

Act IV… The Main Event …Your Massage

  • A 1-hour massage – your choice of Swedish/Relaxation or deep tissue massage
  • A 1 1/2 hour massage – your choice of Swedish/Relaxation or deep tissue massage

ACT V…Body Awareness

After a massage respect how your body feels. If your body asks for rest, give into that demand and crawl back into our luxurious microfiber sheets for that much needed nap. Go with the flow and back off the to-dos for the afternoon. Take it easy, move slower and don’t get fatigued. Enjoy that nap and allow your body to absorb the effects of your 1900 Inn on Montford Spa Experience and regain your vitality.